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One of my buyers was in this house and then had to fly back to Vancouver so she asked me to go see it again today for her and to give her my impressions in writing. Once I was done I thought I would share this with you on my Davisville Blog so here we go.....

If you drive by Patrick Rocca's 598 Soudan listing, south of Eglinton, east of Cleveland, you'll see a lovely modern house with over-sized windows staring back at you. You probably think, hmmm a modern house, too much stainless steel for me, that's going to be too cold. And sometimes it is. 

But not this house! I've been inside twice now and each time it pains me to leave (hence the title above "it hurts"!). This is an elegantly designed home where modern European design embraces the warmth of nature's look & feel together with nature's best, the outdoors. This home delivers elegance, design and sophistication. It feels like an oasis in the city to say the least! 

When you walk in, the walls are a soft misty white and the living room boasts a sleek gas fireplace encased in a floor-to-ceiling tile wall with custom made dark wood floating shelves & cabinetry.  And what's not to love about those stunning large fiberglass picture windows encased in black frame throughout the house? Did you know fiberglass lets in maximum natural light while providing maximum thermal performance for higher energy savings? 

The wide plank European White Oak engineered floors on the main and upper floors help connect the interior with all the trees and greenery visible through these huge panoramic windows. No hard lines here. Even the custom built front hall closet with its interior cabinetry is presented in a lovely wooden frame along with a glass wall for more dramatic impact the minute you walk in.

And the stunning cantilever floating stairs beside the dining room area fit right into the scenery thus eliminating any visual barrier to detract your eyes from the 
entertainment focal point of this floor, the stunning kitchen and family room!

This sleek, modern kitchen mirrors it's scenery with a large white Caesar stone island, white push-button cabinetry and large cabinetry accents in a complimentary wood finish. Not sure how the designer did this, its sophisticated and fabulous but the kitchen doesn't overtake the whole floor. I think that's what's so ingenious about this design throughout the house. It all blends together so well the interior with the exterior that's reflected indoors. You have to see it to get it!

The family room is ready for entertaining with pre-wired built-in speakers and unbelievable wall to wall thermal windows with the recurring black casing. Built-ins for the entertainment components & pre-wired for a wall-mounted tv of course, its all here. The huge glass doors open on to a cedar deck that allows for year-round BBQs.

The smart technology throughout this home can manage heat and air conditioning, the sprinkler irrigation system, video doorbell and detached garage door and much more. 

Now the second floor, I'll run through quickly the obvious, gorgeous floors, fabulous windows (black casings again) and great closet space with hi-end closet cabinetry, interior drawers with glass front panels, etc.  And the bathrooms with floating sinks & cabinetry for an open space feeling, glass shower stalls, stunning intricate mosaic pattern tile floors and German & Canadian made fixtures are all perfection. 

The upper level is beautiful but the absolute breathtaking and unbelievable piece-de-resistance of this upper level is the exquisite 350 SF terrace at the back of the house with wrap-around frameless glass railing and cedar ceiling. This amazing terrace is perched high above. With the property being on the corner and with the large trees around back (close but not too close to obscure natural light), it's like sitting in a treetop!
I Absolutely Love This House....

Ok, so there's a basement too. But frankly I just wanted to stay on the terrace on this beautiful sunny day.

The basement includes a very large, I mean very large, grand room which can be used as one great big rec room or can be split in two for a games room and a tv room or play room for the kids. The basement boasts Clerestory windows, best known for their ability to flood vast spaces with natural light which they certainly do here. And there is an extra bedroom and bathroom in the basement.

There's so much more technology and hi-energy features to this house but that's not what I'm here for. And if I missed anything important, I apologize to the proud homeowner. I was here to jot down my impressions for my client. To put into words how I see this house and how it made me feel. It made me feel good but sad I can't live here...ha!!! 

If you get a chance to show this house, you won't be disappointed and then email me and let me know if you agree about the flow of this house, the incredible merging of modern and warmth, the marriage of the interior and the exterior. It's one of the most successful homes I've seen in a long time.

Click here to catch a glimps but it has to be seen in person....


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