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Bringing up babies in small spaces

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By: Andrea Janus Special to the Star, Published on Fri Dec 25 2015

As young families turn to condos when looking for a starter home that suits their budget, interior designer offers two rules: less is more and storage is key.

Thanks to Toronto’s hot housing market, young families such as the McChesney — Matt, Jennifer and baby Carter — are turning to condos when looking for a starter home that suits their budget.

Jennifer and Matt McChesney knew when they decided to stay in their Liberty Village condo after the birth of their son that they would have to be ruthless about how much baby “stuff’ they acquired — or risk having their home look like little Carter was its sole occupant.

“We had it in our minds already that we had to limit what we brought in,” Jennifer, 31, says.

The couple, who welcomed Carter earlier this year, decided for financial reasons to forego a bigger home and knew they could make their two-bedroom, 1,200-square-foot unit work.
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