Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Are you thinking of buying a property?

I thought I would take a few minutes to point out a few guidelines to follow when buying a property in this market. 

I'm not talking about buying in multiples! That is a subject for another post all together. I'm talking today about offering on a condo, townhouse or house when you are the only one offering.

1. Stay focused on the end result; don't get hung up on the woes and hardships of the process. This is a challenging market for buyers and as such, in many cases, it's not an easy process.

2. Getting the house or condo you want is what's important. "How" the seller and the listing agent negotiated is irrelevant. "Why" he or she sent you back doesn't matter.  It's all about getting that great new home you want to live in. The new life you want to start enjoying!

3. Don't take a seller's response to your offer personally. It's not about you; the seller doesn't even know you! Most times it’s about the seller's expectations and how your offer meets, or often doesn't meet, his or her expectations.

4. Offer what you can to keep the negotiations moving so you can reach an agreement; often it’s the small gestures that count. Does the seller need more time to close or does he want a quicker close? If you can accommodate, do so. Sometimes a small increase in your offer price can show your willingness to make this work. Splitting the difference between the seller's ideal price and your offer price (if the difference is not worlds apart) can make a huge difference.

5. And finally, be patient and stay positive! I don't know how many times I repeat this last one! It takes time to find the right property so don't be surprised if it takes time for you and your agent to secure the perfect home. 

And needless to say, always work with a reliable Realtor who knows the area you are buying into. A Realtor who will listen to you and give you accurate and valuable advice.