Monday, August 20, 2012

Davisville Village: Fab Cup of Coffee at Rachel's Coffee House

I had an amazing experience Sunday morning at Rachel's Coffee House at 2011 Yonge St (Get Directions) right at Glebe...

I walked in and met Maria Chan (the owner with her husband Jack) and she was all smiles and ready to talk to me about her menu and her coffee.

I had by far the very best café latté I ever had in Toronto, none of the aftertaste when you get to the end of the cup and so creamy it was heavenly! I couldn't resist the ham & cheese croissant which she had baked the same morning and OMG...this is what a croissant is suppose to be like. Buttery, but not greasy so that when it's warmed it doesn't congeal and become heavy and tough. The croisssant was flaky but didn't break down into a million pieces on my was perfect!

It was a perfect breakfast so we chatted a bit and she told me how Jack and her owned a coffee franchise downtown but wanted to go above and beyond the predefined menu. At Rachel's (named for their daughter) the coffee beans sourced are fair trade and organic, and most of the baking is done in house. As she says this, she takes out steaming hot cherry turnovers and insisted I try one and without too much arm twisting I did (afterall who am I to argue with this lovely lady), it was melting in my mouth and incredible! You must try this! And there's lunch with pressed sandwiches with a side order of "Rainbow Salad" with lots of veggies and lots of color. The most popular sandwiches are the Grilled Veggie and the Pesto Chicken and there are others.

If you are a true coffee lover you have to try Rachel's Coffee House 2011 Yonge St at Glebe, hours of operation:
Mon - Thurs 7am to 8pm and Frid 7 am to 10 pm
Sat 8 am to 10 pm and Sun 9 am to 6 pm
Let me know what you think? I know you will love it....

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