Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lunched at Terroni Bar Centrale & loved it!

I had lunch today at Terroni Bar Centrale at 1095 Yonge St (South of the Summerhill LCBO). I found the same trattoria/bistro atmosphere from years ago when Terroni was first on Victoria St downtown. It was too small, always packed with too many people and it had so much was fabulous!

The same can be said for this neighbourhood trattoria. It's got great vibe, a cool setting with a warm & inviting ambiance. Their selection of wine is brief and expertly put together. I had the Roero Torretta which was cool and crisp and perfect on a bright and cold winter day. I ordered the Pate’ di Fegatini d’Anatra (duck & chicken liver pâté) and it was melt in your mouth good. Move over Coquine you no longer serve the most succulent pâté in mid-town. And this sinful pâté was served with perfectly toasted square little pieces of homemade crostoni (anyone familiar with pâté de foie gras knows it's the only way to serve it).

And with this I had the Insalata Nizzarda Rustica, a rustic Niçoise style salad but with a fresh mounds of lettuce here...instead it was all fresh julienne veggies with a few pieces of endives, arugula, green beans, potatoes, olives, tuna, egg & anchovy with a smooth dressing that was so subtle, I couldn't even tell you what it was, but it complemented the salad perfectly.

The services was excellent and attentive, which is not easy when a spot is this hot. Irene, the hostess, made time to chat with me and said that the dining room upstairs had recently opened for business. I'm sure this will be another winner..I guess I'll just have to go try it out! Regretfully it took me a while to get around to lunching here but I'm happy I did and I'll be back..Terroni Bar Centrale is a definitely a fave of mine for lunch now.

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