Friday, June 24, 2011

Public Works Committee votes to kill Jarvis Bike Lanes

In response to a motion put forward by Councillor John Parker, the Public Works Committee has voted 4-2 to remove the Jarvis bike lanes. The committee does not, however, have the authority to make this decision on its own, and the item will thus go to a full council vote in mid July. Given Council's track record, however, it's probably not a good idea to hold one's breath that the lanes will remain in place.

Needless to say, cycling advocates are shocked at this news, especially as it comes so quickly after the 2011 Bikeways report indicated that street has experienced a threefold increase in bike traffic since bike lane implementation. While there have been some delays to vehicular traffic post-installation, it's not a stretch to categorize these as minor (see the specific numbers below). City staff also noted that an improvement in traffic flow would likely follow the addition of an advance left turn lane for northbound traffic at Jarvis and Gerrard street.

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Posted by Derek Flack / June 23, 2011

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