Saturday, December 25, 2010

Balanced real estate market expected in 2011...

As you celebrate Christmas this year, the one small lump of coal in your real estate stocking is that your house's value probably didn't rise at the same pace in 2010 as it did the year before.

Al Sinclair of Al Sinclair Real Estate put 2010's flatter prices in this context.

For those looking to get into the real estate market in 2011, he advised people to plan on steady price gains, but nothing crazy.

"To buy a property, ride the market and then flip it? Forget it," he said. "As they say in sports, sometimes the best trades are the ones you didn't make."

On the plus side for buyers, Sinclair didn't anticipate much in the way of bidding wars. "It's going to be a good, balanced market in 2011," he said.

Source: Bill Doskoch,
Updated: Sat Dec. 25 2010 6:58:39 AM

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