Friday, November 12, 2010

Vero Trattoria....a neighbourhood treasure!

Those of you who saw my latest video Tour of Davisville Village & Leaside know that one of my favourite restaurants is our very own Vero Trattoria
at 1580 Bayview Ave 416.322.VERO (8376).

I often chat with Erez Mizrahi and I thought I would share some of Vero’s history with you. Erez has been in the industry for over 25 years specializing in Italian food and wine. Together with his partner Joe Bonavota they own Vero. You may know Joe from his other restaurant Bar Italia a mainstay in Little Italy for many years. After working together for 3 years at Bar Italia, Erez and Joe decided to bring the “real” (Vero translates to real) Italy to Davisville Village & Leaside. Vero offers authentic regional Italian cuisine with succulent veal dishes, fresh homemade pasta, gourmet pizza and much more. Personally, I love when the chef has his amazing beef tenderloin on the menu or his veal chops. He picks just the right cut of meat and prepares it to perfection. I’ve never been disappointed and you must try the mashed potatoes...really!

When Joe and Erez decided to launch Vero, it was a fusion of energy, creativity and excellent management. They built a top notch team including an amazing chef & sous-chefs and a wonderful customer-driven service staff that truly cares! And of course Erez is always present, he knows his clientele and is always happy to suggest a fine wine from his excellent wine list (80% of which is Italian and 20% is New World). And then there’s his private wine reserve, go ahead and ask him about it, it’s not on the wine list.

Why do I see many of the same faces regularly at Vero Trattoria? Because this is a neighbourhood restaurant that offers sensational food and excellent service at a reasonable price in a warm convivial atmosphere. Vero is a place where you can go with a special someone for an intimate dinner or drop by for a family dinner and feel right at home. By the way, I was unsure of using the word “convivial” but when I looked it up online I found “Fond of feasting, drinking and good company” how very appropriate for Vero!