Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tango is meant to train the mind...

indeed to bring it into contact with the ultimate reality.

Thanks to Oscar Wright and Maria Teresa Ruocco from Rome Italy for taking the time to comment on my blog following my article on Tango Soul, El Congreso that ends today in Toronto.

Maria Teresa and Oscar are true lovers of Tango and they just started a new blog on the history of Tango...each day they post an event that happened that day in Tango can be the birth of a famous singer, composer of poet, the debut of a film or the recording of a famous tango song... you can even search Tango principles according to your sun sign! How cool is that!

I invite all my friends from the dance world (and those who just enjoy Tango) to take a look at this blog and give them a little encouragement for their commitment to the art of Tango.