Friday, October 8, 2010

Globe & Mail: At home in a Toronto Special...on Merton Street!

You've seen them. No, really, you have, because they're everywhere. You just haven't noticed them. A few weeks ago in these pages, Adele Weder wrote about the “Vancouver Special” – low-cost, basic, boxy 1970s-era houses enjoying a renaissance as west-coasters discover their adaptability.

Toronto has something quite similar, but there's no catchy nickname and they're not found in areas of high-concentration like in Vancouver. They are the hundreds of large, boxy, hip roofed, large-windowed infill homes built from the 1950s to, perhaps, the late-1970s in practically every older neighbourhood, usually by immigrant builders in batches of two or three.

Michael McClelland, a founding partner of E.R.A. Architects, has noticed them. So much so that, six years ago, he got together with two friends who were renters like he was – “I'd always put all my money into my business,” he explains – to purchase one on Merton Street.

Source: The Globe & Mail, Architecture
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