Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When the sale of a property goes bad....

Case dismissed against sellers of house with hidden defects.

Back in April, 2006, Walter and Shelley Cotton signed an agreement to buy their dream home in Brantford. After closing, the house turned out to be the worst nightmare they could have imagined, requiring them to spend more than $85,000 to bring it up to building code.

Before the Cottons signed the offer to purchase, they reviewed the Sellers Property Information Statement (SPIS) provided by the sellers, Gary, Laurie and Carey Monahan.

The Cottons and their agent went over each question and answer thoroughly. The form disclosed that extensive renovations had been done to the house by the sellers without any building permit.

Finding themselves in the midst of a “hot” real estate market, the Cottons instructed their real estate agent to submit an unconditional offer without a home inspection clause — despite the agent’s advice to the contrary.

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