Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Infernal Comedy....Confessions of a Serial Killer

Luminato presents

Sentenced to life imprisonment in 1976 for murdering a teenage girl, Austria's Jack Unterweger reinvented himself as a literary celebrity with his acclaimed autobiography, Purgatory. Hailed by his country's intellectual elite as a triumph of rehabilitation, he was paroled in 1990 - only to claim the lives of eleven more women on two continents.

Stage and screen star John Malkovich reincarnates this deadly Don Juan - a man as outwardly charming as he was brilliantly manipulative - while two sopranos, their soaring voices blending with the music of the Vienna Academy Orchestra in arias by Haydn, Mozart, Vivaldi and others, represent the women in Unterweger's life: the mother who abandoned him and the victims of his murderous obsession.

Part theatre, part opera, part concert, this North American premiere affords an unforgettable glimpse into the heart of human darkness.

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