Sunday, April 11, 2010

Davisville Tennis Club Opening Day - April 17

Davisville will spring into action again for another great season of tennis. All we will soon need is good weather and our spring, summer and fall will be complete.

Top 10 Reasons to attend Opening Day
1. Breakfast at 10
2. Fun Round Robin in the Morning starting at 10 and so bring your racquet
3. Sign up for clinics, group lessons, ladder, ratings, etc.
4. Lunch at 12:30
5. Find out about this year's socials
6. Meet our new club pros
7. Go on an orientation tour at 11 or 2
8. Meet lots of new and returning members
9. Find out about this year's Davisville Cup
10. Get ready for our opening day Fiesta party in the evening at Chimi Changa's on Yonge at 8:00 - good people and great prizes - See you there!

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